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  • Mumbai, India
  • +91- 9930225727 / 9930223361
  • Francesco Pascalizi

    Principal - Permira Private Equity

    One of my colleagues in London recommended Advisor to me so I introduced them to Marazzi, a portfolio company who are the leading ceramic tile manufacturer in Italy.

  • Eric Deighton

    Head of Credit Management, Finance & Control

    Advisor supported Nokia in setting-up two new shared service centres in Budapest and Beijing. They upskilled our former cash application teams to be our new centralized collection teams.

  • Jay Hunsberger

    Marketing Manager - Pulp and Paper Europe

    The benefit of having a Advisor consultant is that they can point out where communication breakdowns exist in your company, but empower you to change that behavior.

  • Hans Schraa

    Principal - Permira Private Equity

    As a result of these pilots, and because we wanted the project to be implemented from within, using our own people, we chose Advisor to help us with the global working capital project.

  • Pim van den Berghe

    Internal Consultant

    This statement was made by Pim van den Berghe, Internal Consultant, at the end of the pilot facilitation lead by Advisor in response to a question from a Provimi Board Member asking.